Artemis Kokkinaki (or simply "Art" as her friends call her) is one of the pioneers of Package Design in Greece.
With a vision of designing products with distinct character and identity, she founded the creative agency artstudio, which offers a wide range of services in graphic design and specializes in the design of wine & spirits packaging, beverages, food and premium products.
The passion and love for her work contributed to the creation of many successful products in both Greek and International market.
Artemis' creative work includes many distinctions and prizes along with stabe, long-term partnerships.

Why in the artstudio
Artstudio provides for 25 consecutive years comprehensive development services and graphic design applications, with many aknowledged products in the market.
During the Study, the Creation and the Development of a Brand, is given particular importance to the fact, that: 
• Each product is unique and distinctive and leads us to its own strategy in accordance with the philosophy of the company that produces it.
• The constant collaboration with our customers is very important, because it contributes, along with the appropriate Design and our long experience, in creating leading Brands. 
Our goal is to create brands that customers will love.  

The Team
The team of artstudio consists of qualified associates who stand out for their diligence, knowledge of their subject, talent, creativity, but above all for their ethics.
Today, the creative work of artstudio includes a large number of well-known Wine Labelling and Packaging, Printed material, Publication, Websites and 3d-Visualizations.